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Idea-  SportoSpot is a platform that enables parents and patrons to build an online “Sporto Folio” (virtual sports portfolio) for their child’s sports career and get access to expert coaching.


Pradeep Parashar:

Pradeep Parashar hails from a family of sportspersons. He is a management consultant, business analyst and now an entrepreneur. He ensures that the platform operates on a revenue generating business model and stays on the path of scale.

Sangram Singh:

Sangram Singh an Indian wrestler, actor, motivational speaker, philanthropist and health guru. Most importantly, he has lived the journey of an athlete and fully understands the needs and gaps in the system. He brings the perspective of athlete on to the table along with a huge network of national and international athletes who could work with the platform.

Vipul Dahiya:

Vipul Dahiya owns a sports school in Sonipat. The school has facilities and training centers for about 20 Olympic level Sports. It is attended by 3000+ students and is approved by Sports Association of India. The school has a record of winning 191+ international medals till date. His associations and network ensure early traction and reach for the platform.


Sportospot's Introduction:

Founder's Vision for SportoSpot:

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Milestones Achieved and Next Milestones:

Tushar from Dexter Angels asked: Which sports is Sportospot going to focus on within the platform and how many coaches are you planning to acquire for each sport?

When Sumeet Aggarwal asked: How is Sportospot trying to target the areas with limited digital access eg. Villages, Slums ?

Question asked by Sumeet Aggarwal : Is SportoSpot planning to build its own stadiums in the future?

On being asked about the plans to battle Bureaucracy within the Sports ecosystem in India, the Founder's response was:

When Raj Palan asked: How close will SportoSpot be to an offline coaching experience?

Question: Can you take us through a typical user journey on the platform?

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