Portfolio Venture - Zoiffin by Ashish Nanda and Deepti Nanda

Zoiffin | Food Tech | Product Ready
The Idea: 
A platform that allows resellers to set up cloud canteens without any real estate or physical setup to supply meals in offices. With assured daily orders and no cost of set up, he is onto something big.

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About Ashish Nanda

A Serial Entrepreneur with expertise in Conceptualization, Strategy & Business Development, Ashish is an experienced entrepreneur who has been in running his office meal supply business with a current capacity of 5,000 meals a day. He is looking to exponentially grow a reseller-tech model for cloud canteens.

About Deepti Nanda:

An Ardent Culinarian, is well conversant with each domain of Art & Science of Food. The entire
Procurement and Cooking Process is passionately monitored and managed by her on daily basis.


When we asked - What led you to start Zoiffin?

On being asked about their journey as Tech entrepreneurs, their response was:

When we asked - Do you plan to expand your business to other cities?


On being asked about Zoiffin's margins:


When we asked - What is you target market and how does the competitive landscape look like?


When we asked - What are the barriers to entry for the competition?


The question - How do you ensure the quality of food and that the costs are in control while scaling up?

When we asked - What is the larger vision for Zoiffin?



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Zoiffin Investor Pitch from Favcy Portfolio