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Swadesi |E-commerce  |Product Ready, Pre-Revenue 1st Cheque

Idea-  For the patriot in all of us, Swadesi is an e-commerce marketplace for Indian products across categories to make sure India buys local and finds the best Made-in-India products for all needs.


Madhav Dhir: (Linkedin)

Madhav Dhir holds an undergraduate degree from Warwick Business School and a postgraduate degree from Imperial College, London. He has previously resurrected and built Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd from scratch to INR 250 Crore turnover in 5 years. In the past, Madhav has also worked extensively across various Legal, Hospitality, Real Estate and Financial Service sectors through his family businesses. He is now taking on e-commerce giants with a Made-in-India platform for all Made-in-India products to create a niche that fancies the sentiment of the Indian diaspora.

Founder's introduction:

Madhav's viewpoint on diving into the market now:

Founder's insights on the size of the Indian E-commerce Market:

Madhav's Outlook on the needs of Indian Suppliers:

Rise of the 'Vocal for Local'  movement in India:

Market entry explained:

Here, the founder takes us through the competitive landscape 

LTV:CAC Model for Swadesi:

Pre-Product Traction and the Key Milestones achieved by Swadesi:

Founder's Vision for the Next Milestones:

Madhav's insight on Market Timing:

When an Investor asked: What will happen if  Amazon decide to make a separate division for Indian products?

Focus areas for the road ahead:

On being asked by the investor about the logistics setup:

When an Investor asked: What advantages does Swadesi bring for the Vendors if they switch from Amazon/Flipkart to their Platform?

Question: What sort of government alignment policies are you looking for that will give an impetus to Swadesi?

When an Investor asked: Do you plan to include brick and mortar stores? How do you drive value for them?

Question: What is the socio-economic impact expected from Swadesi?

 Long-Term Vision for Swadesi:

 Interested to know more:

 Opening Day Deck:

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