Portfolio Venture -UrjaBolt by Aditya Kumar

 UrjaBolt| Digital Supply Chain for EV Battery Market  |Pre Product 1st Cheque

Idea- UrjaBolt is Building a new Digital Supply Chain by creating Digital Resellers to participate in the booming battery business by setting up Urja Bolt Stations. These stations will enable new battery purchases, charging, even battery buy-backs.

About the Founder:

Experienced Research & Marketing Professional in the Consumer and Technology Space, Aditya Kumar holds an Undergraduate degree in Business Studies from Delhi University. Furthermore, he completed his master's in Sales and Marketing from IRMA and International Trade  IIFT. His professional background includes working as a part of the Current News Team at S&P Capital IQ where he led tracking data of Global Public Funds. Thereafter, he joined Favcy as Founding Team and led the Affiliate Networks, followed by a Senior Manager role at Desert Fox.  He's currently pursuing an Executive program in Marketing Management from IIM-Kozhikode.

Opening Day Pitch:

In this, the Founder takes us through the entire Pitch Deck and covers the following topics:

  • Founder's Background
  • Idea behind UrjaBolt
  • Vision
  • E- Mobility and Battery Market
  • The current Battery market distribution
  • Urja Bolt's take on the opportunity
  • Urja Bolt's supply chain
  • Existing Supply Chain's Generally Accepted Procedures "G.A.P"
  • Easy UrjaBolt Station set-up
  • Business Model and projections
  • Traction and Milestone
  • UrjaBolt's Source of Power
  • Milestones achieved
  • Next Milestones

Question: How big is the market?

When we asked: Why is there a need for a new supply chain?

When Sanjeev Mittal asked about the competitors of UrjaBolt, The Founder's response was:

Sanjeev Mittal asked: 

  • Are there any entry barriers?
  • How will you prevent that from happening?

Founder's take on the Target market:

 Bhushan Sheth asked the following questions:

  • Are you trying to standardize the e-charging business?
  • What is the primary life of the battery? 
  • Is there a franchise fee?

Questions by Akhil: 

  • Can the battery be used by any e-rikshaw manufacturer?
  • How much cheaper can you deliver the battery in comparison to retailers?
  • How will you ensure the the target audience buys the battery from you?

Questions by Himanshu: 

  • How have you evaluated the market size? 
  • How will you prevent client conversion by competitors?

Questions asked by Naman Kapoor:

  • What if the target consumer base setup their own model?
  •   How will you prevent a big budget competition?

When we asked: What is unique about the timing to enter the market?

When we asked:

  • Are there any growth strategies?
  • How will you capture the market share?

When Nitish Rathi asked: 

  • Are the batteries rechargeable?
  • Do e-rickshaws need a separate space to charge?

 Gautam Sanghvi asked: How is your business model different from Sheru Tezz?

Anirudh Gupta asked: What is the capex for setting up the station?

Questions from Sitansu Desai:  

  • What is the expansion plan across India?
  • How will the parking needs be accommodated?

Puneet Malik asked: What will be the margin with the tie-ups?

What is the story behind the name UrjaBolt?

 When we asked: What is the long term-plan for UrjaBolt?


Opening Day Deck:

UrjaBolt's Pitch Deck from Favcy Portfolio


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